Yukarı Çık


Our company, K SANDALYE ;K Chair in English, has been active in the furniture business with its production of wooden furniture, wooden chairs in particular , as well as different types of products needed by the clients since 2008

In the manufacturing plant with 3500 m2 of covered area, located in Kayseri, 320 km east of Ankara,our skilled and experienced employees work mostly to realize the projects for hotels,cafes,restaurants and convention ,conference and wedding halls

Particularly, we produce wooden chairs and tables to suit commercial needs for cafes and restaurants ; winged chairs for waiting rooms,lobbies and bedrooms in the hotels,all the other furniture for these places as well ; chairs and tables for conference,convention and wedding halls ;also,custom made furniture that you and your places need in daily life ; chair and table sets which can be used in the kitchens and living rooms .

At the same time, we supply our products in retail from two our own stores : In Tblisi,Georgia a seven story building with 3000 m2 covered area and in the city center of Kayseri other one...

As a quality brand , K SANDALYE has never compromised on the quality and the reliability in all of its production from the beginning till today and will never.

We have taken it as a duty to improve and renew ourselves in skill and the technology enhancing the know how and especially to invest seriously in human resources and the equipments at the manufacturing department.